The Moisturisers

The last few months seem to have played havoc on my skin. Here in the UK the weather cant seem to decide whether its summer or autumn. I'm not sure whether its that or the ever changing temperature of the air con at work... maybe its a mixture of the two. Anyway my skin has needed an extra added boost in the form of two nourishing moisturising creams. For night time I always reach for the Origins Overnight Intensive mask (£23), it says to use this once or twice a week but I find it works well as an every day night moisturiser, it's so nourishing on the skin, especially if the products I've used before this have stripped my skin a little too much. It's very thick so a little goes a long way but it sinks in beautifully and leaves my skin feeling plump and ready for a face of make up the next morning.
I recently picked up the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream (£70) I was a little reluctant to do so given the price, but I had a voucher and had heard so many good things about it being so moisturising on dry skin. And I have to admit it really is, it's very thick but applies well to the skin and sinks into any dehydrates areas well. It leaves such a nice base to the skin for make up whether it be a heavy or a light base, I will say though that the smell isn't great... But I'll be writing a review on this soon and I'll touch on that then.

They're the two creams that have saved my skin lately, the two work well together taking over the needs of my skin for daytime and night, so if your in the market for a good duo then I recommend these two, and if you don't want to splash out straight up then I've found both origins and CT are good with giving testers so you can try them out before you buy! x

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